Biocide for cooling and process water supply systems

FINEAMIN FINEALGA 25 effectively controls the micro-organisms (bacteria, fungi and algae) in industrial recirculating water systems.

The product prevents the mucus formation, successfully fights the growth of bacteria and algae, which may contribute to conditions that lead to the formation of severe corrosion and bacterial growth.

FINEAMIN FINEALGA 25 works effectively in the range of pH 6.0 — 9.5.

FINEAMIN FINEALGA 25 is intended for the industrial use only. You should not use the product for drinking water and domestic water systems.

In the recirculation cooling systems the water treatment technology depends on the degree of contamination, the available nutrients, sediment microbial species, temperature, time of exposure, and should be selected with the help of technical assistance of our company.

It is supplied in plastic drums of 30 kg, 60 kg and 210 kg.


Описание FINEALGA 25

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