Cationite KU-2-8

Cationite KU-2-8, thanks to the small terms of delivery and low price, it is the most popular cationite on the market of Ukraine. It is used in the following processes:

  • during the water preparation for softening and demineralization (desalination) of water
  • in combination with anion exchangers, in order to achieve a complex effect in water preparation
  • in hydrometallurgy for the selective extraction of polyvalent metal
  • for the extraction of inorganic and organic solutions from the substances
  • for the selective isolation of valuable, biologically active substances from biological raw material
  • When purification of the return and wastewater
  • for the regeneration of waste of the electroplating and metal treatment
  • for the separation and purification of various chemical substances in chemical industry
  • as a catalyst for organic synthesis

It is supplied in bags of 50 kg.   кнопка заказ



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