Environmental Responsibility

Экологическая ответственностьThe purity of water is one of the most important conditions for life on our planet.

We are making efforts to introduce the modern environmentally friendly materials and water purification, technologies, protection (from corrosion and scale) of the technological equipment.

We produce the anthracite filtrant (Hydroanthracite) which plays an important role in water purification systems, water utilities, energy, and waste water treatment in many industries.

Descam and Fineamin reagents are biodegradable (for more details refer to the Material Safety Data Sheets ) that allows to support the energy equipment clean without the risk for water inhabitants, and reduces or even eliminates the cost of waste materials after purification. The cleanness of energy equipment is critical for the rational use of energy. The high heat exchange equipment contamination leads to a significant increase of energy consumption, increase of the burden on the environment, the risk of break of such costly equipment.